The Apples

The Apples are a Cincinnati based Beatles tribute group working hard for nearly ten years to establish themselves as one of the top acts of their genre.

They strive not only to be fiercely accurate in their renditions but to bring something special and unique into their productions, namely their own personalities and creativity.

What this means for their audiences is an evening of outstanding Beatle hits and favorites delivered by a true group of friends  who actually love to play together.

The Apples do not dismiss members or use "stand ins" unless absolutely necessary to meet contractual obligations. The band you see here on their website is the group you will hear and meet at their concerts.

The theory behind this is simple: nothing creates excitement and magic onstage as an ensemble of like-minded friends having fun. When musicians are in this lucky environment, special things happen that just wont occur with a team that simply rehearses and goes home. A real kind of telepathy develops that allows for subtle improvisation in the act that gives each audience a one of a kind show.

In this regard The Apples can present the music of the most famous best friends in history (namely The Beatles) in the most authentic way possible, as best friends.

 Thank You;

Myron Blaney   press officer for the Apples